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The final programme for 25 and 26 February 2014 was as follows.

Tues 25 Feb 2014



Pick up your name badge and event pass, start planning any Open Sessions you want to organise and get to know your fellow delegates.

Refreshments and snacks will be available to fuel you up for the first speaker session.


Welcome: Dick Penny

Session 1: New Potential

How do we mainstream culture and creativity in young people's development so that it becomes part of their lifetime journey?

Nii Sackey (Bristol)

Brian Gambles (York)

Sophie Setter Jerrome (Bristol)

Lynsey Merrick (York)

Jude Kelly (Bristol)



Served from 1.15pm to 2.15pm

Open Sessions


Odette Toilette Scent Workshop (Bristol)

Watershed Pervasive Media Studio Event Space 13:45 – 14:30

Join Odette’s workshop to discover how you can harness the olfactory arts to develop and enhance your work.



Third Angel presents an Inspiration Exchange (York)

Guildhall “Ideas” room 14:00 – 18:00

Where do ideas come from? And more importantly, which ones stick around and turn into something?


At most conferences the audience are as smart as the people on the stage. At No Boundaries we have tried to recognise this by leaving plenty of time and space for you to get involved. Not as side sessions, or un-sessions but as a core part of the programme that will emerge over the two days. We’re calling them Open Sessions and they begin after the first speaker session and carry on throughout the conference, ending before the last session on the second day.



Session 2: Adaptive Resilience

Can culture stay relevant, authentic and of value to everyone?

Vikki Heywood (York)

Russell Willis Taylor (Bristol)

David Lockwood (Bristol)

Ruth Mackenzie (York)

Nicholas Lovell (Bristol)

What do you want to talk about? What are your burning questions and passionate rants? What do you want to hear? To propose a No Boundaries open session please visit the info desk in each venue. Come prepared with a session title and the No Boundaries staff will help allocate you a space (some are big, some are small, some have live links between venues, some don’t).




Session 3: Future Society

What happens when culture and creativity are at the heart of society?

Cedric Price (Xhumed for York and Bristol)

Alex Fleetwood (Bristol)

Jake Orr (York)

Margaret Heffernan (Bristol)

Alice Greenwald (Live from NYC)

Kully Thiarai (York)

Odette Toilette (Bristol)



Arrive promptly at 7.30pm for food, served by Harts Bakery in Bristol and Manjit's Kitchen in York.

Superstar DJs

Move over David Guetta, Calvin Harris and Fatboy Slim.. there’s going to be a new superstar DJ discovered. As part of No Boundaries, you are cordially invited to join the party (at either Watershed, Bristol or The Guildhall, York) and release your inner superstar DJ for the night (well, fifteen minutes…)

The evening, curated by artist, musician and DJ, Fred Deakin, will see eight wannabe DJs fight it out across Bristol and York. We’ll provide the tracks (although of course you are welcome to bring CDs or your phone), a posse, a wardrobe of sharp DJ-appropriate dressing up gear, and all the tech help – just bring your musical mind and rock the discotheque!

Look out for poets Henry Raby and Ralph Dartford in York.

Wed 26 Feb 2014


Fringe Event: Making a holistic case for arts and culture

(breakfast pastries and refreshments for early birds)



There is a powerful case to be made for the holistic benefits of arts and culture. But at present, you could liken our case to that of the Higgs boson, the elusive particle that gives others their mass. Arts and culture are essential, but so embedded in our lives that their presence often goes unacknowledged.  This fringe event draws from our soon to be published evidence review, which assesses the strength of the evidence base about economic, social, health and wellbeing and educative values, impacts and benefits. Come along, hear about what we’ve found, and talk to us about our new Research grants programme that aims to support the arts and culture sector to build and improve our evidence base.


York: Arts Council Chair Sir Peter Bazalgette

Bristol: Arts Council Chief Executive Alan Davey



Luke Wright

In his own brilliantly unique style Poet Luke Wright reflects on themes, conversations and ideas emerging from day one of the conference.


Session 4: Place

What is the role of culture in creating a sense of place?

Joy Mboya (York)

Philip Aldridge (Bristol)


Debate: A Tale of Two Cities

Exploring the role of culture in building a place with both a cohesive society and a buoyant economy.

Marcus Romer and Kersten England in York, Tom Morris and George Ferguson in Bristol. Chaired by John Knell.

Open Sessions


Continue your discussion from the previous day or start a new one.


To propose a No Boundaries open session please visit the info desk in each venue. Come prepared with a session title and the No Boundaries staff will help allocate you a space (some are big, some are small, some have live links between venues, some don’t).



Fill up on our American-style brunch and power through to the end of the conference


Session 5: Internationalism

Can culture be both local and global - what is the opportunity?

Abigail Posner (York)

Dr Benjamin Barber (Bristol)

Simon Cronshaw (York)

Kwame Kwei-Armah (pre-record from NYC)


Reflection Set

What, Who, When and How has No Boundaries inspired and provoked? What has been said that has not been said before, and where should the debate go next? A panel of contributors in Bristol and York join together to reflect on what they will be taking away.

Anne Bonnar (York)

Jo Verrent (Bristol)

Fiona Gasper (York)

Alan Davey (Bristol)

Jim Hollington (York)

Shreela Ghosh (Bristol)

Kate Yedigaroff (Bristol)


Chair: Robert Duffton (Bristol) / Kully Thiarai (York)

Change the Boundaries