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Delegate List


Adrian Berry, Jacksons Lane
Adrian Friedli, Freedom
Alan Davey, Arts Council England
Aldo Rinaldi, Bristol City Council
Alex Fleetwood, Hide & Seek
Alex Fleming, British Council
Ali Robertson, Tobacco Factory Theatre
Ali Smith, Superact
Alison Clarke-Jenkins, Arts Council England
Alistair Spalding, Sadlers Wells
Amy Turton, Arts Council England
Andrew Kelly, Festival of Ideas
Andrew Nairne, University of Cambridge
Andy Field, Forest Fringe
Andy Hayles, Charcoal Blue
Angela Piccini, University of Bristol
Anna Jones, Creative Junction
Anna Rutherford, In Between Time
Anne Torreggiani, The Audience Agency
Anneliese Davidsen, Unicorn Theatre
Annie Ukleja, Miracle Theatre
Annie Warburton, Crafts Council
Axel Wieder, Arnolfini
Beatrice Pembroke, British Council
Beki Bateson, LIFT
Belinda Kidd, Bath Festivals
Ben Templeton, Thought Den
Bridget Floyer,
Bryony Kimmings, Performance Artist
Carla Shepherd, Travelling Light Theatre Co.
Caroline Miller, Dance UK
Carolyn Black, Flow Contemporary Arts
Carolyn Hassan, Knowle West Media Centre
Caterina Violi, A New Direction
Cathy Graham, British Council
Cathy Paskell, British Library
Chris Brown, A-N
Chris Higgins, The Map
Claire Doherty, Situations
Claire Gulliver,
Claire Hodgson, Diverse City
Claire Teasdale, Bristol City Council
Clare Reddington, Watershed
Clare Titley, Arts Council England
Colin Gorrie, Bristol Jazz and Blues Festival
D M Kippin, Arts Poole
David Alder, University of Bristol
David Brownlee, UK Theatre
David Bryan, Arts Council England
David Jubb, Battersea Arts Centre
David Lan, Young Vic
David Lockwood, Bike Shed Theatre
Debbi Lander, Encounters Festival
Debbie Kingsley, Freelance
Derrick Price, Watershed
Deryck Newland, Pavilion Dance South West
Dick Penny, Watershed
Dom Jinks, University of Exeter Arts and Culture
Dr Benjamin R. Barber,
E L Southworth, Royal Opera House
Eamonn Flynn, A New Direction
Edson Burton, Playwright and Poet
Eibhlish Fleming, Shakespeare Schools Festival
Eileen Haring Woods,
Eleanor Lang, Free Word
Emma Forster, Mimbre
Emma Stenning, Bristol Old Vic
Fred Deakin, Fred & Company
Gary Topp, Curzon Cleavedon
Genevieve Hatton-Brown,
George Ferguson, Mayor of Bristol
Georgie Shields, Sadlers Wells
Geraldine Collinge, Royal Shakespeare Company
Grace Davies, Visual Arts South West
Graham Sheffield, British Council
Harmeet Chagger, Surfing Light Beams
Harriet De Winton, Set and Costume Designer
Hedley Swain, Arts Council England
Helen Bolt, Arts Marketing Association
Helen Gillam,
Helen Legg, Spike Island
Helen Renwick, Wandsworth Council
Helen Tomlin, ACTA Community Theatre
Hester Cockcroft, Awards for Young Musicians
James Tilston, Jacksons Lane
Jamie Andrews, British Library
Jane Finnis, Culture 24
Jaswinder Singh, Asian Arts
Jean Nicholson,
Jo Crowley, 1927 Theatre Company
Jo Taylor, Morris Hargreaves Mcyintre
Jo Verrent, Unlimited
Joao Guarantani, British Council
John Durrent, BDH
John Knell,
John Lancaster, Perfect Moment
John Orna-Ornstein, Arts Council England
John Struthers, ICIA, University of Bath
Joon Lynn Goh, In Between Time
Josh Ben-Tovim, Impermanence Dance Theatre
Jude Kelly, Southbank Centre
Judith Knight, Artsadmin
Judith Palmer, Poetry Society
Julia Twomlow, Leach Pottery
Julie Baker, Indicia
Karen Poley, KP Project
Karen Shannon, Lets Go Global
Kate Barker, Freelance
Kate Costello, East London Dance
Kate Dimbleby,
Kate Tyndall, Arts Consultant
Kate Webb, Circomedia
Katherine Campostori, Freelance
Katie Keeler, Theatre Bristol
Katy Beale, Caper
Kerry Andrews, Artsdepot
Kevin Brownridge, Perfect Moment
Kyra Pollitt,
Lara Ratnaraja, University of Birmingham
Laura Drane, LHDA
Laura Kriefman, Guerilla Dance Project
Laura Stevenson, Sadlers Wells
Leonie Sakey, Serious
Lhosa Daly,
Linda Jasper, Youth Dance England
Lindsey Hughes, ICIA
Lisa Meyer, Capsule
Liz Girling, Heritage Lottery Fund
Liz Hill, Arts Professional
Lizzie Ostrum,
Louise Miles-Crust, Wales Millenium Centre
Louise Mitchell, Bristol Music Trust
Luke Robert Mason, Imperica
Luke Wright, Poet
Luke John Emmett, Theatre Bath
Lyn Gardner, The Guardian
Lynn Barlow, University of the West of England
Margaret Heffernan,
Mark Courtice,
Mark Wallace, Beaford Arts
Mark Williams, HeartnSoul
Martin Pople, CFBA
Mary Swan, Proteus
Mathew Russell, Watford Palace Theatre
Matt Caines, Guardian Culture Pros
Mhora Samuel, Theatres Trust
Michael Prior, Situations
Michele Farmer, Bristol City Council
Michelle Carwardine-Palmer, National Theatre Wales
Mira Kaushik, Akademi
Moira Sinclair, Arts Council England
Morag Massey, Shakespeare at the Tobacco Factory
Nadja Noel, British Council
Neil Webb, British Council
Nick Capaldi, Arts Council Wales
Nick McDowell, Arts Council England
Nick White, Travelling Light Theatre Co.
Nick Williams, ATC Theatre
Nicola Merrifield, The Stage
Nicolas Lovell,
Nii Sackey, Bigga Fish
Oliver Jones, Creativity Works
Patrick Duignan, University of Bristol
Paul Crewes, Kneehigh Theatre
Penney Ellis,
Penny Evans, Knowle West Media Centre
Peter Bellingham, Welsh National Opera
Phil Gibby, Arts Council England
Philip Aldridge, The Court Theatre
Philippa Jones, Create Gloucertershire
Polly Gifford, Bridport Arts
Rachael Harris, EMP Projects
Rebecca Chapman, Theatre Orchard
Rebecca Dawson, Candoco
Robert Dufton, City University
Robert Saunders, Apples and Snakes
Roger Tomlinson, The Ticketing Institute
Ross Harvie, Proteus
Russell Willis Taylor, National Arts Strategies
Ruth Jacobs,
S Smith-Noble,
Sally Goldsworthy, Discover Story Centre
Sally Mann, Fuse
Samina Zahir, Hybrid Consulting
Sandra Barefoot, Visible Thinking
Sarah Boiling, The Audience Agency
Sarah Moody, VT & DV
Sarah Pickthall, Cusp Inc
Sarah Robertson, Bristol Music Trust
Seth Honnor, Kalider
Shawn Sobers, University of the West of England
Sheila Healy, Arts Council England
Shonagh Manson, Jerwood Charitable Foundation
Shreela Ghosh, British Council
Simon Cook, Bristol City Council
Simon Mellor, Arts Council England
Simon Stephens, Museam Association
Sophie Setter Jerrome,
Stephanie Fuller, Ideas Test
Steve Moffitt, A New Direction
Steve Presence, University of the West of England
Steven Hadley, Queen's University Belfast
Suhail Adam, British Council
Susanna Eastburn, Sound and Music
Suzanne Rolt, St George's Bristol
Tammy Bedford,
Tim Wheeler, Mind The Gap
Tom Fleming, Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy
Tom Morris, Bristol Old Vic
Tom Nicolas, New Model Theatre
Tracey Smiles, PiCL
Tracy Cooper, Artsdepot
Trevor Pitt, A3 Project Space
Vivienne Bennett, Bristol City Council
Zoe Steadman-Milne, Festival of Ideas


Abigail Posner, Google
Adam Holloway, Cheshire Dance
Aidan Moesby, Artist
Alex Tobin, Yuck 'n Yum collective
Alexander Kelly, Third Angel
Alison Walton Robson, Headway Arts
Alok Nayak, Milapfest
Alok Nayak, Milapfest
Althea Efunshile, Arts Council England
Ammo Talwar, Punch
Amy Evans, Tiger Tea Illustration
Amy Golding, Curious Monkey
Anamaria Wills, CidaCo
Andrea Rose, British Council
Andrew Dixon, Freelance
Andrew Mcintyre, Derby Theatre
Andrew Stratford, Walk the Plank
Angela Hall, Rural Arts
Anna Lilleengen, Visual Artist
Annabel Turpin, ARC
Anne Bonnar, Bonnar Keenlyside
Antonia Byatt, Arts Council England
Becki Haines, Bootworks Theatre & Theatre Ad Infinfitum
Brian Debnam, BDA Ltd
Brian Gambles, Library of Birmingham
Carol Bell, Newcastle Gateshead Initiative
Caroline Cummins, Royal Opera House
Caroline Meaby, British Council
Cassie Chadderton, Arts Council England
Charlie Studdy, Goole Town Council
Charlotte Jones, ITC
Chloe Hampson, Rural Arts
Chris Grady, Story Music
Chris Monks, Stephen Joseph Theatre
Christopher Bailey,
Claire Zammit,
Clare Thurman, Consultant
Clymene Christoforou, Isis Arts
Cortina Butler, British Council
David Porter, Creative Arts Promotion
David Wheeler, IOU
Deborah Dickinson, Freedom Studios
Derri Burdon, Curious Minds
Dominic Potts, Northumbria University
Felix Mortimer, RIFT
Fiona Bennett, The Map
Fiona Gasper, Royal Exchange Theatre
Fiona Stuart, Lichfield Festival / Royal Northern College of Music
Frazer Hoyle,
Gareth Maeer, Heritage Lottery Fund
Gavin Barlow, The Albany
Geoff Titley,
Gill Cooper, City of York Council
Gillian Nicol, a-n The Artists Information Company
Heather Featherstone, Arts Council England
Heather Niven, Science City York
Hilary Gresty,
Iain Tidbury,
Ian Lunn, New Art Exchange
Ian Read, Lakeland Arts
Ian Whiteside, Sheffield Hallam University
Isabelle Croissant, Cornerhouse
Ivan Wadeson, The Audience Agency
Jacqueline James, Textile Artist
Jake Orr, A Younger Theatre
James Beale, Proper Job Theatre
Jane Tarr, Arts Council England
Janet Barnes, York Museam Trust
Janthi Mills-Ward, Hull Truck Theatre
Jason Jones-Hall, xHumed
Jayne Knight, Suffolk County Council
Jenny Hall, York Saint John University
Jessica Davies, Zaum
Jim Hollington, British Council
Jo Burns, BOP Consulting
Joanne Kelleher, Cooling Tower Productions
John May, Freelance
Jon Opie, Jerwood Charitable Foundation
Jonathan Best,
Jonathan Kennedy, Tara Arts
Joy Mboya, Godown Arts Centre
Judith Evans, Crafts Council
Judith Harry, Site Gallery
Judith King, Arts & Heritage
Julia Bell,
Julia Brosnan, Dovetail, The Change Making Agency
Julie Batten, People Express
Julie Leather, Arts Council England
Karen Shannon, Lets Go Global
Kate Arthurs, British Council
Kate Hainsworth-Staples,
Kate Smith, Freelance
Kath Davies, Kirklees
Katherine Wood,
Kay Brown, Freelance
Kerry Michael, Pioneer Theatre
Kersten England, City of York Council
Kim A Thomas, Cast
Kristina Kdimitrova, Imperica
Kully Thiarai, Cast
Laura Dyer, Arts Council England
Laura Mcdermott, FIERCE
Laura Simms Luddington, Arts Council England
Lauren Healey, Northern Film and Media
Lee Corner,
Leonie Bell, Creative Scotland
Lesley Jackson, Phoenix Dance Theatre
Liz O'Neill, Z-arts
Louise Mcgroarty, York Saint John University
Louise A Clarke, Visual Artist
Lucy Perman, Clean Break
Lynsey Merrick, The Lowry
Mags Patten, Arts Council England
Malaika Cunningham, Crick Centre
Marcus Romer, Pilot Theatre
Marion Catlin, The Shift
Mark Babych, Hull Truck Theatre
Mark Mulqueen, Room for You
Mark Smith, Axisweb
Mary Doherty, British Council
Matthew Boswell, The University of Leeds
Michael Davis, Dumbshow
Michael Harding, Playwright
Michelle Castelletti, Royal Northern College of Music
Michelle Dickson, Arts Council England
Miranda Thain, Theatre Hullabaloo
Miriam O'Keeffe, BBC
Najia Bagi, Lakeland Arts
Nancy Barrett, ion creative
Natalie Clarke, Independent artist
Natalie Querol, The Empty Space
Neil Darlison, Arts Council England
Nicholas Nuttgens,
Nicola Howell, Curious Minds
Nicole Gallagher,
Oliver Raggett,
Oluwatoyin Odunsi, The Hat Factory
Paul Glinkowski, Arts Council England
Paul Herrmann, Redeye
Paula O'Malley, PARTIA
Paula J Horton, Blaize
Peter Bazalgette, Arts Council England
Peter Heslip, Arts Council England
Peter Mearns,
Rachel Asquith,
Rachel Kennedy, Down Arts Centre
Ralph Dartford, Arts Council England
Rebecca Atkinson, Museam Association
Rebecca Manson Jones,
Rhiannon Jones,
Richard Collins, Royal Northern College of Music
Richard Russell, Arts Council England
Rick Faulkner, Chrysalis Arts
Robert Guest, Middlesbrough Council
Robin Morley, Magnetic
Roddy Gauld, Octagon Theatre Bolton
Rosemarie Fordham,
Ruth Mackenzie, Holland Festival
Ruth Taylor, Artswork
Sam Dunkley,
Samara Jones-Hall, xHumed
Sarah Macshane, British Council
Sarah Maxfield, Arts Council England
Sarah Richardson, Creative Practitioner (Theatre)
Sharron Scott, CapeUK
Sheila Mcgregor, Axisweb
Simon Cronshaw, CultureLabel
Sonja Crisp, City of York Council
Sophie Preston, No Boundaries
Stephen Pritchard, dot to dot
Steve Byrne, Interplay
Steven Pool, Freelance
Stuart Page, York Saint John University
Sue Barnes, Skippko
Sue Reece, York St John University
Sylvie Fourcin, Artlink WY
Tanja Geier-Thomson, Arts Council England
Teo Greenstreet,
Theresa Beattie, Consultant
Tim Killick, Heritage Lottery Fund
Tom Higham, Future Everything
Tony Witton, Kent County Council
Vicky Prior, League of Culture
Vikki Heywood, RSA
Will Massa, British Council
William Norris, Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment
Yingzi Xu, Exeter

Change the Boundaries