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We are encouraging everyone in the Arts and Culture industry to debate and comment on the underlying themes of No Boundaries, and will be using this page to add provocations from as many voices as possible. Our aim is that the conference in February becomes a focal point for these discussions and a stepping stone to influence change and support growth.

If you want to add have your say and present ideas, challenges and solutions, in whatever form you’d like, then let us know by:

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News & Debate

  • Cities are culture capitals

    Benjamin Barber, Political Theorist

    Benjamin R.Barber, famed political theorist, and author of the book, If Mayors Ruled The World, discusses the impact that Arts and cultural organisations have on cities, and what more should be done to make those in charge understand the value that culture brings to a city.

    For more of Benjamin’s thoughts on this topic:

    View the Transcript.

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